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Jasper Schmidt

Sociologist, artist, activist


Jasper Schmidt works as a program head and facilitator of a public Makerspace at the German American Institute in Heidelberg and is the co-founder of the Youth Think Tank. He is responsible for various open educational programs in the field of media and technological literacy and curator and amplifier of project based interventions in the context of bottom up urbanism in cooperation with local activist communities and teenagers. Previously, he worked as a founder and artist for the Raumfänger. Jasper holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Politics and Economics from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. In his professional career he has been looking for new forms of inclusive community building on both the micro and macro levels of modern cities, with the aim to create spatial concepts to enable personal growth and co-creative social design. Jasper lives with his patchwork family of three kids in Heidelberg, Germany. He is a passionate cook and carpenter and loves to care for his vegetables in his garden plot.

Updated November 2021