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Jelena Velisavljević


Jelena Velisavljević is a second-year Undergraduate student of social and political sciences at Sciences Po Paris in France, though originally she comes from Belgrade, Serbia. She is interested in the field of research, including topics such as societies’ relationships with the past, social policy, and environmental policy. She is active in multiple student associations, working on topics ranging from journalism to environment. She volunteers for the cause of education of groups such as refugees and people from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds. She has remained engaged on this issue ever since high school, by working with different NGOs. More recently, she has worked on implementing her own project meant to provide equal educational opportunities for the local refugee community in the city where she studies, as a part of the Millennium Fellowship Class of 2023. She enjoys working in multicultural environments and exploring contemporary political issues through artistic mediums.

Updated May 2024