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Jiannan Shi


Jiannan Shi will be graduating from New York University Shanghai in 2022. With a major in Social Science and a minor in Interactive Media Arts, Jiannan has a deep interest in exploring how media influences society. He has produced extensive media content to advocate social inclusion and an art installation to promote gender diversity in China. Moving from a small city in northern China where he grew up to metropolises including Shanghai, New York City, and Prague, he saw how much media varied and how it could be controlled while media consumers remain unaware. Amidst the booming information flow and the widening digital divide, he sensed how crucial media literacy is for today’s citizens. Since Fall 2020, Jiannan has served as an education volunteer in a rural high school in central China for a year with an NGO. There, he empowered so-called “left-behind” students by initiating a participatory media literacy education program.


Updated April 2021