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Johanna Salomon


Johanna Saloman’s abiding interest in the field of Polish-Jewish relations, post-1945 (Jewish) history and the culture and politics in Central and Eastern Europe as well as relating issues of minority rights, transitional justice, culture production, memory and reconciliation through a two month journey across Poland through a travel grant from the German zis-Foundation and UNESCO. She holds a BA in history and philosophy from the University of Freiburg, spent two years of her undergraduate studies back in Poland as a scholar in the „Metropolises in Eastern Europe“ Program with the German National Academic Foundation and studied for an MA in Eastern European Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. Having worked, interned and volunteered for cultural and social institutions and organizations all over the world, Johanna has grown particularly interested in the cultural dimensions of individual and collective memory and identity, exploring the varied ways in which art and popular culture produce, process and perform the past in the present and how difficult and contested histories and knowledge can be curated and exhibited in museums or other cultural institutions. Through her role as a program curator of THE ARTS+ Future of Culture Festival, Johanna has explored these questions in regards to digital technology. Johanna is also nearing completion of her MA in Curatorial Studies at Goethe University and the Academy of Fine Arts – Städelschule in Frankfurt. Her research focuses on Poland as she examines artistic and ludic reenactments of the Polish-Jewish past as complex practices of remembrance. Johanna is also a passionate ballet and modern dancer and a photographer. She has produced several short films and documentaries and has most recently discovered her love for horses and mental health advocacy.

Updated May 2020