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Josefine Eidnes Bach Andersen


Josefine Eidnes Bach Andersen recently completed her Master’s thesis in International Security and Law from SDU, on the subject of Transitional Justice in Ukraine. Passionate about justice and accountability, she has dedicated her studies to researching human rights and atrocity prevention.

Throughout her academic journey, Josefine has actively gained practical experience through student assistant roles and internships at institutions such as the Danish MFA, Danish Red Cross, and Danish Institute Against Torture. Additionally, Josefine has volunteered twice in East Africa, concentrating her efforts on empowering youth with a specific focus on gender equality. These diverse experiences have enabled her to bridge theory with practice, enriching her understanding of emerging issues and strengthening her commitment to advocating for human rights.

Looking forward, she remains resolute in dedicating her career to the pursuit of critical humanitarian matters, motivated by her dedication to justice and promoting positive change.

Updated April 2024