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Judith Scheer


Judith Scheer is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow from the Berlin program 2015. At the moment she is employed at the State of Berlin in a traineeship for junior managers. As trainee Judith works in different public authorities a.o. the Commissioner of the Senate of Berlin for Integration and Migration and the Berlin State Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination. Beforehand she was employed as a project manager in different NGOs working in the field of disadvantage pupils and for refugees. Judith hold a Bachelor in European Studies from Maastricht University and a Master in Sociocultural Studies from Europe-University Viadrina. In her studies she focused on migration, racism, gender, and intersectional studies. In her master thesis Judith researched on the connection of remembrance and identity politics. In her spare time she is active in the neighborhood „initiative for civil courage – against far right“ in Berlin-Mitte.


Updated December 2018