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Julianne McShane


Julianne McShane is a journalist and a 2017 graduate of New York University, where she majored in Global Liberal Studies with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production and spent her full third year studying abroad in Paris. Since graduating NYU, Julianne has worked as a local journalist, covering seven neighborhoods in southern Brooklyn for The Brooklyn Paper. She is also a freelance reporter for The New York Times and The Guardian, where she has written stories on historic and modern-day manifestations of gendered and racial inequalities. In the fall, she will begin graduate school in gender studies in the U.K. (as of this writing she has not yet decided where!). She is interested in using her journalism to highlight contemporary manifestations of gendered inequalities and cultivate deeper understandings about the social forces and policies that shape, unite, and divide us based on gender.


Updated May 2019