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June Thalin Worm


June Thalin Worm Gibba is a Thai-Danish activist, event creator, and scholar. She is also a professional communicator, consultant and speaker. Her activist work has surrounded raising awareness of structural racism in Denmark through topics of decolonizing education curriculums and by hosting workshops and presentations about white saviorism for NGO’s.
Currently, June is studying for her Master’s degree in Economic Development at Lund University in Sweden where she is focused on bringing awareness to issues inhibiting women’s development in the global south, such as gender inequality in educational opportunities and the inclusion of women’s voices in developing Democracy.
June is also one of the founders of ‘Asian Diaspora in Europe’; a Facebook collective created for people of Asian descent (and who are seen/read as Asian) living in Europe. The group allows for members to network and is a space of empowerment; through creating events, conversations about common experiences, and through shared art and cultural creatives.

Updated June 2021