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Katarzyna Korytowska


Katarzyna Korytowska is a co-organizer and one of the originators of HER Docs Film Festival, the first documentary film festival in Poland (and one of few such festivals in general), which celebrates documentaries directed by women. Her practices revolve around interdisciplinary forms of activism and initiating collective situations in favour of egalitarian world free from divisions.

She’s currently studying at postgraduate Gender Studies. Katarzyna is a co-founder and program curator of the Synergia collective, which organizes a Warsaw cycle of interdisciplinary, socially aware musical events. Katarzyna is also actively involved in the community Radio Kapitał.

She gained experience in the field of cultural education and project management at the education department of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and at the Department of Visual Culture Management at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Professionally, she composes perfumes and her job is about responding to other people’s needs and assisting them in discovering their olfactory preferences.

Updated February 2021