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Katarzyna Wojtczak


Katarzyna Wojtczak is an artist, anarchist, architect and pauper-gallerist based in Kraków and Athens. She is a painter, sculptor, performer, collaborative artist and creator of video art and films. Frequently working in collectives, including SandraArtGallery and Monitor Studio. Inspired by mess and human laziness. Her research focuses on collective memory and geopolitics. Practices cognition through inhabitation. Initiator of DOMIE, experimental artist-run space based in Poznań, Poland. Graduate of Architecture and Urbanism at the Poznań University of Technology, Università degli Studi di Firenze and Intermedia at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań at Izabella Gustowska’s studio. Winner of the Young Wolves Award and the Shalom Foundation. Member of International Coalition of Cultural Workers Against the War. Her current work explores the tradition of folk symbols under the influence of war. She is working on redesigning folk practices into a form of resistance, deconstructing folk aesthetics through the transfer of war traumas.