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Katharina Meyer


Katharina Meyer is a PhD student at the European Centre “Representing the 20th Cenutry” at the University of Jena. Her PhD project is on the topic “Historization of National Socialism from the perspective of adolescents in Germany”. Prior to her studies, Katharina spent a year volunteering at an organization for development policy. While studying Social Sciences in Hanover, she focused on microsociology and qualitative research. Afterwards she studied Sociology with a specialization in Gender Studies and Psychoanalytic Social Psychology in Frankfurt. Katharina has been politically active for several years. Important themes in her political work are participation and the avoidance of different kinds of discrimination. These issues are also relevant for her work as a speaker for the General Students’ Committee and joint founder of the Society for Psychoanalytic Social Psychology (Gesellschaft für psychoanalytische Sozialpsychologie).


Updated November 2015