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Katie Nichols


Katie Nichols is a Project Assistant for Humanity in Action Germany, primarily working with the Landecker Democracy Fellowship. Katie previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Her award-winning undergraduate thesis analyzes instances of police brutality as a global phenomenon. Prior to joining Humanity in Action, Katie worked at the Minnesota State Senate, where she focused on tax policy, public finance, and economic development. She is currently a visiting researcher at Europa Universität Viadrina.

Katie initially moved to Berlin in 2017 through the Congress Bundestag Vocational Youth Exchange, during which she noticed growing divisiveness through the rise of right-wing extremism. In 2022 she returned to Germany through a Fulbright Research Grant to explore demographic patterns among AfD supporters in Eastern Germany and Donald Trump supporters in the Rust Belt. Katie is committed to mitigating political polarization and the growing threat to democracy through an intersectional lens, with an emphasis on cultural and historical sensitivity.

Updated November 2023