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Laura Kwoczała-Alsubaih


Laura Kwoczała-Alsubaih is a Polish human rights activist. She has co-organised many happenings and actions, including the hunger strike at the Ministry of National Education and the Women’s Strike 2020. She has been taken to court many times for her actions. She was nominated for the Superheroine Award of High Heels Magazine 2021.
Since 2022, she headed the Refugee Rights Intervention Team dealing with systemic rights violations at the Polish-Belarusian border and in detention centres. Completely dedicating herself to the refugee cause, she was a plenipotentiary in a number of legalisation proceedings and co-organised press conferences and meetings of the Parliamentary Team for Migration and Integration of the Polish Sejm of the 9th term. She is currently completing her studies in political science at the University of Warsaw and, together with her husband, an Iraqi activist, is involved in human rights activities.

Updated April 2024