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Laurel Hiatt


A Washington transplant raised in Suwanee, Georgia, Laurel is a UGA Foundation Fellow currently earning dual degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology and Spanish, and working toward a certificate in interdisciplinary writing. An intersectional social justice activist, Laurel trains service animals as a spokesperson for disability rights as well as leads community initiatives through organizations including Lambda Alliance, the LGBT Resource Center, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness on Campus UGA. Laurel is also an award-winning journalist with a passion for enhancing science communication, developed during their two years of executive involvement within Science Olympiad Outreach. Laurel intends to earn an MD/PhD in clinical biochemistry. As a physician-scientist, Laurel will investigate disease mechanisms for transgender and intersex patients while also shaping health care policy to better ensure safe and successful engagement of vulnerable populations.

Updated May 2018