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Lea Stella Obermüller


Lea Obermüller is a young advocate for social justice. Born and raised in Munich in Germany, she is an international student in Sociology, Spanish and Data Science in her second year at Williams College, MA. She is highly interested in understanding social inequalities in national and global power systems, and focuses on migration, populations in the context of statelessness and ethnic discrimination in humanitarian contexts. In her current research, Lea investigates the effect of racially biased algorithms in US courts and currently conducts ethnographic research on humanitarian experiences of refugees within EU policy. At her university, she is committed to fostering intercultural dialogue and has, among others, served as an international orientation leader and translator. Passionate about sharing the joys of music, she is involved as a volunteer with Kids4Harmony to teach underrepresented elementary schoolers in orchestral performance, sings in the Williams College concert choir and an acapella group.


Updated May 2022