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Lenka Hora Adema


Lenka Hora Adema, LL.M MOC is working as a self-employed senior mediation expert, facilitator and process designer, and organizational coach in The Hague (The Netherlands). She is specialized in (cooperation) disputes with and within organizations and governments. Lenka works regularly on projects abroad as an advisor in conflicts, a facilitating mediator and organizational coach. Born to an Armenian-Iraqi father and a Dutch mother, her personal experience with different cultures is a treasure trove for her work. With two partners she started (, an organization facilitating and organizing dialogue between citizens and governments, for example a dialogue about refugees in the Netherlands and what that means for neighborhoods. Lenka also works as a mediation trainer, teacher and assessor both in the Netherlands and abroad for one of the oldest institutes for mediation in the Netherlands, the Centrum voor Conflicthantering ( She is an editorial staff member of the specialist journal for mediators in the Netherlands, the Tijdschrift Conflicthantering (Journal for Conflict Management). Previously, Lenka worked as a lawyer and academic staff member at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. During this period she worked for Lawyers Without Borders and as a board member of the Association for Law and Administration in Developing and Transition Countries.


Updated November 2015