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Lillian Wright


Lily Wright is a third-year student studying English & French. Passionate about immigration and the Appalachian identity, Lily is pursuing an independent oral history project that seeks to amplify disenfranchised immigrant narratives in West Virginia, her home state. The project is set for completion in Spring 2022 and will partner with the West Virginia ACLU. Previously, she contributed research to a work entitled “The Criminal Body: Italian Racialization and Erasure in the Dime Novel” which explores the depictions and language surrounding Italian immigrants in the 19th century dime novel. She also volunteers with local immigration specialists, assisting in programming for undocumented West Virginia residents and international students. As a product of the humanities, Lily is fascinated by the intersection of arts and activism, and her belief is that telling a story is one of the most powerful ways to spark empathy and a grassroots movement.


Updated April 2021

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