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Maeve Hennessy


Maeve Hennessy is a rising senior at North Carolina State University, double majoring in International Studies and Political Science and minoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She was drawn to work for HIA due to her appreciation for the values they uphold; Maeve too shares a commitment for academic research and activist work surrounding human rights and social justice. Recently, she wrote her Final Capstone for her WGS minor on the socio-legal effects of the total abortion ban in El Salvador, as Maeve is fervently dedicated to advocating and fighting for international abortion rights for all people who can get pregnant. Maeve is also extremely passionate about the power of educational opportunity, especially for girls in disproportionately marginalized countries, typically in the Global South. During the school year, she works as the Intern Coordinator of Gambian Girl Power, a small non-profit organization that her professor started at her university. GGP engages in life-changing work for school-age girls in The Gambia. Her work there consists of empowering and educating girls through instilling them with confidence, educational tools, and academic knowledge. Maeve does this work due to her steadfast belief that access to education is one of the most important and basic human rights, yet is one that is not as universal as those living in educational and class privilege are led to believe. 

Maeve is a newly-joined Project Assistant, hoping to spend her time with HIA learning as much as she can from her wise mentors and from the humanitarian and ethical citizenship work that this organization is so passionately dedicated to. She is interested in learning more about and researching civil rights for people who are trans-gender (specifically in backlash against the ongoing fascist movement in the United States), intersectional feminism, and the effectiveness of varying political systems around the world.