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Magdalena Schulz


Magdalena Schulz, originally from a small town in Poland, embarked on a two-year journey after completing her education. Immersing herself in diverse cultures sparked her passion for understanding people’s stories, leading her to pursue Psychology at the University of Groningen. Her focus lies primarily in migration, empathy, and mental health. She’s passionate about justice and human rights, which she plans to pursue during a postgraduate programme. Beyond academia, she contributes to research at Lentis, exploring the impact of social connections on patient recovery. Aspiring to be a Renaissance (wo)man, she aims to expand her knowledge in the field of technology, with artificial intelligence recently sparking her interest – a topic she had the chance to explore during GenAI Hackathon for Social Good at HKU. An avid hiker in her free time, she also loves cinematography and architecture, volunteering at various film and Open House festivals.

Updated May 2024