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Maja Pietrusiewicz


Maja Pietrusiewicz is a polish young lawyer, criminologist, and activist for women’s rights and equality. She is also a co-founder of the Polish Foundation “The Visible – A Change is Female”. Following many months of protesting against tightening the abortion law in Poland, with help of her four friends, she set up a feminist foundation.

On 22 October 2020 r. Polish Constitutional Court imposed a near-total absence of legal abortion in Poland. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against tightening the abortion law in Poland. Since these events, polish abortion law has become one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe.
Maja managed to combine studies with working daily at the bank’s Anti Money Laundering Department. Therefore, as a member of the board, she is accountable for the financial sector, and organization of manifestations, and additionally, she is a member of a subgroup that tackles the issue of menstrual poverty.


Updated May 2022