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Mareen Brosinsky


Born and raised in Berlin, Mareen’s passion for cultural and social exchange has driven her to live and work in various countries, including the United States, Denmark, Australia, Belgium and Spain. Mareen obtained a BA in Political Science with a focus on Peace and Conflict studies from Potsdam University in 2016 and a MS Sc in International Security and Law from the University of Southern Denmark in 2019. Her passion in international human rights and criminal law has led Mareen to work with research institutes in Australia and Cambodia where her work focused on the prevention of grave human rights violations. Mareen will commence her PhD at the University of Wollongong in Australia this year and will be joining a project on seeking accountability for forced displacement. She has worked and closely engaged with refugees and rights activists from Syria and Myanmar to raise awareness on their situation and promote justice.


Updated April 2021.