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Marilena Katsimi


Marilena Katsimi was born in Athens in 1970. She holds a master’s degree (Magister Artium) in Journalism, Political Science and Theatrical Studies from the Free University and Humboldt University of Berlin. As a journalist, she has participated in several documentaries, information and arts programs. As a reporter for the national public television news bulletin, she has specialized in international news. Finally, she has been involved as an anchorwoman in several live television shows, which has been her main role over the last 10 years. She regularly writes articles for magazines, newspapers and blogs. She has established a solidarity web-radio, with news from the solidarity community and presents a radio program on the public radio about the solidarity movement in Greece and human rights issues. She runs campaigns against racism, xeno, homo- and transphobia. Marilena Katsimi was elected General Secretary of the Journalists’ Union from 2013-2015. She is married to Professor Dimitris Christopoulos and they have three children.


Updated June 2016