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Marsha Music


Marsha Music, daughter of a legendary pre-Motown record producer, Joe Von Battle, was born in Detroit and grew up in Highland Park, Michigan, during its lush, prosperous days. She is a self-described “Detroitist,” and for many years she has written about the city’s music, its past and future. She is a noted presenter and she has contributed to important anthologies, oral histories, and films, including an HBO documentary. In 2012, she was awarded a Kresge Literary Arts Fellowship, and in 2015 she received a Knight Arts award, and read her poetry onstage with the Detroit Symphony. She has received accolades for her “One Woman Show – Live From Hastings Street!” and is partnered with executive producer Juanita Anderson on a documentary film project about her father’s record shops, “Hastings Street Blues”. Her extended essay, “The Kidnapped Children of Detroit,” and epic poem, “Just Say Hi – The Gentrification Blues,” have been acclaimed for creatively engaging readers in impactful historical narratives of Detroit, and will be featured in her inaugural book, scheduled for publication in November 2019. Ms. Music resides in the Palmer Park neighborhood of Detroit.


Updated October 2019