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Maryam Abdelalim


Yams, also known as Maryam Abdelalim, is a Dutch and Egyptian artist that grew up in Schilderswijk, Den Haag. She is a tailor, writer and performance based artist. For her portfolio you are kindly referred to her instagram; @maryamabdelalim. Her work highlights the awareness and importance of the body as well as the healing of the collective. Her journey is one of integration between the floating islands that define her story.

With her spirituality, biculturality and timeless concepts, she trails the path of her own journey whilst always extending you an invitation to join her.

She has had the pleasure of presenting her fashion pieces at both Kunstmuseum Den Haag and Kurhaus. She worked with Kunstenlab Deventer for a public space sculpture and has exhibited video works with Amnesty UT as well as with Kunstinstituut Melly during IFFR 2024.

Updated May 2024