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Matthew Fam


Matthew Fam is a Singaporean interdisciplinary theatre-maker, educator, and content strategist in Advertising. He is currently an MA student in Anglophone Literatures, Cultures, and Media at Goethe University Frankfurt, with a research focus in Transcultural Memory Studies. He is also a Theatre Studies alumnus at the National University of Singapore.

As a youth community artist, Matthew uses Process Drama as a pedagogical tool to excavate social issues, and uses performance as a platform for dialogue and mutual understanding. He is passionate about the intersectionalities of social justice, and how its message can be better communicated in an increasingly polarized society.

In 2017, he acted in T:>Works’ Grey Matters Community Tour across secondary schools and technical colleges, advocating mental health awareness in a series of plays. This was part of a wider lobby effort towards the eventual enactment of more mental health lessons in Singapore’s Character and Citizenship curriculum, in 2021.


Updated April 2021.