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Meike Ziegler


Meike Ziegler started as a graphic designer, running projects in New York, London and Amsterdam for large brands. Gradually her interest shifted towards designing creative rituals that she called Creatuals. Meike founded the Creatuals brand in 2007 in Amsterdam to mark important moments in life: concepts, events, products and workshops for commercial enterprises, non-profit and cultural organizations as well as individual clients.

After moving to Berlin in 2016, Meike met Ivan Gabor who brought her new perspectives and energy. The success of their Handshape Project for 30 years fall of the Berlin Wall led them to join forces as partners in CREATUALS.

“We seek to offer a positive and fresh mindset; one that energizes and helps you move forward; one that drives your motivation. We create a zone into which you can tap and find unexpected solutions, self-confidence and inspiration.”


Updated February 2021