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Meital Rozental


Before joining Humanity in Action in Berlin, Meital worked as a project and production manager for the artist and political activist Ai Weiwei on human rights related projects, dealing with, among other topics, global forced migration, state violence and civil struggles for social justice. Among her projects were the documentary films Vivos (2020), The Rest (2019) and Human Flow (2017), the exhibition Resetting Memories, and the book Human Flow, as well as the management of the artist’s F-Art Foundation for the promotion of freedom of speech.

In addition to this, Meital has been professionally and voluntarily involved with organizations including the Muslim-Jewish Culture Days Festival; the political education NGOs The Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC) and Sharing Perspective Foundation focusing on intercultural dialogue around current socio-political issues; the research body of the Council of Migration, where she researched the role of civil society in the integration of refugees in Germany; and with various initiatives working with refugees and asylum seekers, children with migration background, and homeless persons. 

Meital holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Master’s degree in Socio-Cultural Studies with focus on Migration and Ethnicity from the Europa Universität Viadrina. During her studies she was a Fellow of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Foundation for gifted Jewish students and completed internships at the Cinema for Peace Foundation and the Berlin Film Festival. 

Coming from a Jewish-Hungarian family who has known its share of persecution and discrimination, growing up in the Middle East and becoming a migrant herself, Meital has a keen interest in questions related to societal participation, human and civil rights and the role of culture in shaping inclusive and just societies based on human dignity and compassion. She is particularly interested in cinema as a means of making socio-political issues accessible for large audiences via emotional and aesthetic storytelling.

Updated September 2021