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Melissa Kolukisagil

Art Director


Melissa has been active in the music scene for several years, taking on a wide variety of roles. After studying political science and alongside her work in political communication, she worked as a freelance booker, night manager, and organizer of concerts and club events.

In August 2019, she was selected for the vut e.V. mentoring program for women, trans and non-binary people in the music industry. In the same year, she created İç İçe, her own heart project. Since then, she is working on the festival for new Anatolian music, a successful concept that will now take place in Munich and Heidelberg, in addition to Berlin and
Hamburg. In 2022 and 2023 the festival was selected by TAG DER CLUBKULTUR as one of 40 collectives and clubs in Berlin for their special contributions to Berlin’s club culture.

Since August 2020 she is leading the project “Diversitygerechtes Ausgehen in Berlin“, a cooperation project of Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V. and the Clubcommission with which she structurally wants to make nightlife less discriminatory and the diversity of the cultural landscape more visible.


Updated April 2024