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Miriam Coretta Schulte


Miriam Coretta Schulte is a theatre maker and migration law student. She navigates between Berlin, Basel and Cairo and develops performances and workshops both for the stage and besides of it, e.g. with the queer-feminist reading circle „Blasphemic Reading Soirées“ in Basel. After a 3 months artist residency in Cairo, she created together with Salma Said a performance („behind your eyeballs“) dealing with different archival practices such as a video-archive of the Egyptian revolution. Theses days, they are producing „Court Fantasies“, a theatre show examining today’s asylum system from the point of view of a near-by future where freedom of movement is achieved for everyone. Moreover, they develop workshops around the topic of „imaginative justice“, combining learnings about the asylum system and trying to find visions to overcome it. Miriam also volunteers at Refugee Law Clinic in Berlin and is convinced that sci-fi is an amazing source for abolitionist visions.

Updated May 2023