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Molly Curren Rowles


Molly Curren Rowles is Executive Director of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine, which brings together the work of a JCC, Jewish Federation and Jewish Family Services. The JCA runs an array of community-based services and programs that celebrate Jewish culture and tradition and are designed to enhance and enrich the lives of those of all backgrounds. She has a background in direct service and human rights work, and spent seven years as an attorney at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, Maine’s Legal Aid provider, first as a family law attorney and then developing and running a new statewide intake program. Molly is passionate about racial justice, redressing economic inequality, and creating strong communities that protect and defend minority rights. She treasures her Humanity in Action memories and has enjoyed remaining involved with the program in a range of ways over the years. Molly is a graduate of Cornell Law School and Smith College, and she lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and three children.


Updated May 2019