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Mona Richter


Mona Richter is a young political scientist, activist and advocate for social justice and human rights with a special focus on Eastern Europe. She is currently working at the Centre for Liberal Modernity in Berlin and finishing her master’s degree in international relations at Free University Berlin. Mona has been living and working in Ukraine and has since then focused her academic as well as activistic work on Ukraine and the broader region. She is co-head of the program Perspective East at the young grassroots think tank Polis180 and a member at the human rights organization Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights. Since the start of the full-blown invasion of Ukraine through Russia, Mona is helping to organize humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supporting refugees in Berlin. Other than that: Mona loves listening to music, going to concerts, singing, talking to her friends, being close to the sea and coffee.


Updated May 2022