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Mujgahn Rahimi


Mujgahn Rahimi is a student at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where she has completed her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Sociology and is to pursue a graduate degree in International Business and Politics. Mujgahn has a broad variety of interests ranging from research in organizational and economic sociology to volunteer work. And as a Dane with Afghan ethnicity she is likewise passionate about societal issues with a special focus on racism and gender, ethnic and religious discrimination. In her spare time, Mujgahn enjoys practising kickboxing, learning Arabic, working as a student guidance counsellor at her university, being a member of the student organization, International Debate BS, and volunteering to help children with homework and personal issues. Mujgahn is always up for a challenge and/or a nap, you will always find her with her head buried in a book and she has a specialty in Danish sarcasm.

Updated May 2018