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Nadina Christopoulou


Nadina Christopoulou is co-founder and coordinator of Melissa, an umbrella network for migrant women and their organizations. She studied Anthropology and Political Science at McGill University and then pursued an MPhil in Social and Political Theory and a PhD on social memory through the Roma storytelling practices. Her recent research and writing focus on childhood migration and migrant women’s networks. She has been involved in the development of various educational and action-research projects on cultural diversity as well as a documentary series shot in 14 countries, presenting the stories of 28 people living in each other’s homelands. She is currently developing a digital photographic archive on the same subject, jointly curated with Magnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos, tracing the cycles of migration that Greece has experienced in the 20th century. She is also serving as the general secretary of the Board of the Greek Council for Refugees.


Updated October 2015