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Nasim Forootan

Creator of the Humanize Project


Nasim Forootan is the Learning and Culture Holder and Dark Matter Lab, a Cooperative Member at consultancy and the creator of the Humanize Project  in Scotland.

In all her strands of work she works around organizational culture, shaping leadership and building the capacity of people on relationships of trust to build a better, more resilient world. Throughout her career, which has included roles in governance, food security, education, and organisational leadership, she has helped shape institutions and enabled people to explore their potential.

In Ecuador, she was awarded the National Honours Award in Research for her investigation into governance and food security, which encouraged collaboration between the government, businesses, and the third sector.

During her voluntary service at the Lotus Temple in India, she was offered the opportunity to coordinate volunteers from 30 different nationalities and helped develop the programs for visiting global figures and heads of states. These international experiences encouraged her to earn a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in International Management.

Nasim is a member of the Baha’i Faith, which has shaped her views on collaboration, consultation, service to humanity, and the importance of a unified vision. She believes in a world that enables people to live a coherent life, one in which the dichotomies that society has imposed fade away and service to humanity is prioritised.

Updated March 2023