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Natália Madsen dos Santos


Natália Madsen is a Brazilian human rights lawyer, researcher, and writer, dedicated to fostering social justice.
Her background is intersectoral. In Brazil, she worked as an Advocacy Advisor in government, dealing with public policy implementation, and as a member director in INGOs that provide humanitarian aid to socially vulnerable children and refugees. In 2021, she moved to Europe to complete a double Master’s degree in Human Rights and Global Studies at Universität Leipzig & Universität Wien.

These involvements not only broadened her worldview, but also contributed to her becoming a researcher on Human Rights, Migration & Development, and Minoritized groups, employing an intersectional, feminist, and decolonial approach to challenge systemic structures that perpetuate inequality. Her experiences also include leading training programs in Human Rights and implementing community-based initiatives to promote the inclusion of marginalized groups.

In her free time, Natália finds joy in reading, crocheting, and running.

Updated April 2024