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Nimrod Levin


Nimrod Levin is a practicing psychologist and a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology and in the Amirim Interdisciplinary Honors Program, and his graduate studies in Computational Neuroscience as well as in Vocational and Organizational Psychology.

His research interests include the cognitive and emotional mechanisms underlying long-term decision-making, individual and cultural differences, intervention research, and psychometric theory.

One of Nimrod’s specialities are empowerment projects for traditionally marginalized groups. Nimrod developed and conducted such projects among refugees, the queer community, and women. A review published in Haaretz of a project for women candidates to higher education exemplifies one of his completed projects.

Nimrod is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and fellowships from various institutes, including from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion University (Israel), Princeton University (USA), University of Leuven (Belgium), University of Lausanne (Switzerland), and Freiburg University and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Germany), as well as from the European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling. To date, he coauthored eight journal articles and five book chapters on the topic of vocational development and decision-making.