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Nuno Carneiro

AI Strategy Lead, OutSystems


Nuno leads the Artificial Intelligence strategy at OutSystems, the global leader in high-performance application development, where AI is being used to fundamentally change the way software is built around the world. He has previously worked at several startups bringing machine learning and AI to industries such as financial services and e-commerce.

In 2019, Nuno led the creation of Política Para Todos, a community that hosts a website with crowd-sourced information about parties and candidates for national elections in Portugal. More recently, Nuno was part of the founding team of A Próxima Geração, an Apolitical Academy, which organizes a 12-week program to attract and develop young leaders from diverse backgrounds to become politically or civically active.

Nuno has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). As a student, Nuno was the president of ESTIEM, the network for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. He is a member of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and board member at APGEI. Nuno writes about non-fiction books at

Updated November 2022