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Olivia Daigle


Olivia is a master’s student in International Human Rights and a passionate advocate for social justice. In her current positions in the offices of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Community + Values, Olivia works to ensure her fellow students of color feel included, supported, and empowered during their time on campus. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics from Earlham College where she examined the cultural and religious diversity of Germany, Greece, Spain, and Morocco, and how these countries responded to the arrival of large numbers of refugees from many parts of the world. After graduating, she worked at the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh creating global issues programming for the local community with the mission to build a more equitable, just, and globally connected world. Olivia is deeply committed to restorative justice practices and how they can be used for healing and conflict transformation for marginalized groups globally.

Updated May 2023