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Pauli Sprang


Pauli is this year’s Humanity in Action Germany’s Program Director for the European Fellowship. They move in the interstices of academia, facilitation, and political organising, thereby holding the importance of intimate, body centred transformation as key to healing and justice.

Holding a MA in Gender Studies from SOAS University of London, they are inspired by queer theories of utopianism and radical political imagination. Such a critical yet hopeful spirit also informed their dissertation on the political potentials of pleasure for queer world making.

Queering Sex-Ed is a transnational platform they co-founded to not only make such theory more accessible, but to democratise and decolonise the ways in which knowledge about intimacies and identities is being produced and transmitted.
While enjoying to work analytically, they also love to bring theory into the realm of the everyday life with playfulness, care, and the whole body. The approaches they work with understand human beings as interconnected, complex wholes and encompass somatic, non-violent, and needs-based methods.

Whether in their research, workshops, or in their own community, they are dedicated to the imagination and cultivation of better modes of relating to one another to enhance everyones’ wellbeing and to bring about social and political change.

Updated January 2022