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Peter Hein


Peter Hein (1939) is a retired associate professor in obstetrics and gynaecology (Univ. Nijmegen, The Neth.) As a jewish child he was hidden in The Netherlands during WWII, as were his parents. Many of their relatives were murdered by the Nazis, but Peter and his parents survived.

He wrote “The sixth year” about his own hiding and the first year after the liberation and “The hiding”, on the dramatical hiding of his parents. The books were well received in The Netherlands. Today he is occupied in maintaining the memories of the fate of the jews during WWII in The Netherlands and is disseminating knowledge concerning the Holocaust. He is a guest-speaker throughout the country on these topics and on the effects of war trauma’s on his ánd the next generations. Moreover, he is now a writer and professional sculptor of bronze sculptures.

Updated February 2021

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