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Dr. Rena Molho


Dr. Rena Molho taught the history of Greek Jewry in Panteion University in Athens. Her work focuses on the di erent aspects of Ottoman and Greek Jewish history and civilization and, more specifically, that of the Jews of Salonika. She has published more than 60 studies in both Greek and international scientific books, encyclopedias and journals. Her first book The Jews of Thessaloniki, 1856-1919: A Unique Community received the Athens Academy Award in 2000. It was published in Greek by Themelio in 2001, 2006 and made its third edition in 2014 by Patakis. Her second book Salonica and Istanbul: Social, Political and Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life was published by Isispress in Istanbul, in 2005. Her book entitled Jewish Sites in Thessaloniki: A Brief History and Guide was published in 2009 by Lycabettus Press Athens and has since been translated into Greek and German. Her book The Memoirs of Dr. Meir Yoel: An Autobiographical Source on Social Change in Salonica at the Turn of the 20th Century was published by Isispress in Istanbul in 2011. In the same year Rena Molho was decorated as Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques for her contribution in the enhancement of French culture and received the Alberto Benveniste prize for research in Paris in 2015. Her latest book with the title The Holocaust of Greek Jews, Studies in History and Memory was published in Greek and is now being translated into German.


Updated June 2015