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Revekka Kefalea


Revekka Kefalea is a social scientist with an MA in Political Science and Sociology, but identifies herself as an activist and a lifelong learner. This is why she is always eager to situate herself at the intersection of academia and civic action, and challenge misconceptions and stereotypes through knowledge promotion. Currently affiliated with the Institute for the Study of Greek-German Relations (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Revekka researches the images of Germany in Greece during WWI in cultural activities and materials of the era. Alongside her academic pursuits, she serves as a project manager at Inter Alia, a nonprofit organization, leading initiatives to foster civic engagement and social change across various domains. Additionally, as a Creative Commons Certificate Facilitator, she supports professionals of diverse backgrounds to acquire a better understanding of the tensions between copyright and digital technologies, and advocate for open access to knowledge and culture.

Updated May 2024