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Roza Robota


Roza Robota, born in 1921 in Ciechanów

Roza grew up in the spirit of scouting and Zionist ideals of Ha-Szomer ha-Cair, ideals of work and education built on a dream emigration to Palestine.

During the German occupation, Roza became a witness to an organized action to destroy the Jewish past of her city Ciechanów. The subsequent organized stages of forced labor, dehumanization, demolition of the synagogue, the flooding of the cemetery and the establishment of the ghetto were part of the larger plan which was implemented throughout Poland.

In November 1942, Roza was deported to Auschwitz. Her response to the organized violence was the organize resistance with other prisoners in the camp. In 1944, Roza was involved in smuggling small amounts of gunpowder from the Union-Werke factory into the hands of prisoners employed in the operation of crematoria and gas chambers in Auschwitz II, Brzezinka. The uprising broke out on 7 October 1944. Roza, as one of the people suspected of organizing it, was tortured and interrogated by the SS on death row. She was murdered along with three other prisoners in the last public execution at Auschwitz on 6 January 1945.