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Rukiatu F. Sheriff


Rukiatu F. Sheriff has BSc in International Studies from Roskilde University. She is a core organizing member of Together Against Racism (Read in Danish: Sammen Mod Racisme; Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Actionaid), working on projects which aim to raise awareness of structural racism and discrimination in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is, therefore, experienced in creating educational workshops, events, public debates and brave spaces to (co-)construct a more inclusive society. Moreover, Rukiatu has until January 2020 been working as a project manager in Danish Muslim Aid’s (DM-Aid) International Project Committee where she has served as the overall point of contact and project manager; working to connect internal and external partners/stakeholders for information exchange, partnership development within the framework of Danish Muslim Aid’s 2020 Strategy as well as United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and program design tasks. At large, Rukiatu believes that it is important to engage in discussions of contemporary social and political issues, while simultaneously situating these in historical contexts. Want to reach out to Rukiatu F. Sheriff? Feel free to e-mail.


Updated January 2020