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Sarah Horwitz


Sarah Horwitz is a 2020 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Linguistics and minored in French & Francophone Studies. She is passionate about leveraging insights about languages and literacies to forge a more just world. To that end, Sarah is currently completing her MS Ed in Reading, Writing, and Literacy at Penn’s Graduate School of Education. Research has played a consistently meaningful role in Sarah’s education and community work, and she is currently supporting projects about youth civic engagement and entry rate disproportionality in Philadelphia’s child welfare system, beyond writing her master’s capstone about how educators can integrate learners’ intergenerational storytelling practices into classroom writing exercises to problematize dominant discourses about national belonging. Sarah will soon be applying these studies as a secondary French teacher. Beyond these academic pursuits, Sarah loves reading, hiking, and trying new recipes. She hopes (one day soon!) to adopt a cat.


Updated April 2021