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Siri Haarløv-Johnsen


Siri grew up in Mozambique, Vietnam, and Swaziland. Holding a Master’s degree in Global Development, Siri excels in multi-disciplinary methodology and has a thorough understanding of complex development dynamics. She has a drive for peace and conflict studies, reflected in her academic studies examining Northern Mozambique’s escalating conflict. Additionally, Siri completed a prestigious research program with the International Alliance of Research Universities, investigating conflicts experienced by minority groups in Thailand’s borders. For the last three years, Siri has been working for the United Nations Development Program, first as an intern and now as a project assistant for the country office in Mozambique. Volunteer work is her passion, and she has contributed actively to Human Rights Watch as an event facilitator, the IPCC as an expert reviewer, and Student Refugees as an outreach coordinator. Siri has joined HIA hoping to continue her learning journey and to apply this to her work.


Updated April 2021.