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Soraya Khadir


Soraya Khadir is a Project Assistant and Consultant at IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité, a network of companies working on Corporate Social Responsibility in France. Her work focuses on preventing discrimination and promoting diversity in the workplace. Soraya holds MA degrees from Université de Cergy-Pontoise and Institut Français de Géopolitique of Paris 8, where she researched the political referendum process and the geopolitical impact of California’s “Three Stikes and You’re Out” policy. Her interest in diversity issues, which comes from a combination of both personal experience – having grown up in Parisian suburbs – and academic studies, has always pushed her to try to study misperception and bias. She is particularly interested in how misunderstanding of “the other” can lead to unfair and even dangerous decisions and behaviors. Soraya was a participant in the HIA Fellowship in New York City in 2007.


Updated October 2011