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Sujin Julia Noël

Coach & Consultant


Growing up in and between different cultures, the topics of identity and belonging were present early in Sujin’s life. As for many others, her family’s history is one of surviving war, crossing borders, and striving for a better future. It is a story of leaving behind the familiar, entering the unknown, and attempting to build something new, always with a degree of uncertainty.

She developed a love for literature early on and read everything she could get her hands on. Sujin’s thirst for books was something her parents generously catered for. Sujin had her first taste of organizing at the age of 14. The experience of effecting change in community with like-minded peers profoundly shaped her educational and professional path.

Today she is a consultant to organizations that aim to build an inclusive work culture and a coach to BPoC activists who are stepping into their leadership power. Sujin’s tribe is the Leading Change Network (LCN), a global network of community organizers.

Updated November 2022