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Thomas Arnold 

Assistant Professor and Researcher


Dr. Thomas Arnold is an assistant professor at the philosophical seminary of the University of Heidelberg, where he researches metaphysics and phenomenology, teaches formal logic during the winter term, and where he is responsible for the academic management of Erasmus and similar programs. He has published one monograph, several academic papers and reviews, and essays directed at a more general population. He has also presented lectures at various universities in places such as Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, and Lisbon. Thomas studied philosophy and classics at Heidelberg University, with his doctorate dissertation on Husserl and Plato. His post-doctoral research was with the Center for Subjectivity Research in Copenhagen. Since 2008, Thomas has taught philosophy and the history of ideas to school children for the Humanismus heute foundation. Thomas is married and has a daughter who was born in 2014. In his free time, he plays the violin in an orchestra and works toward obtaining his Taekwondo black belt.

“Reason is a matter of habit. We offer the opportunity to develop it.

Learn more about Thomas’ Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.


Updated June 2021

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