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Tobias Hanses


Throughout his academic and professional journey, Tobias embraced the idea of interdisciplinarity. Currently pursuing a MSc in Global and Development Studies in Denmark, he previously acquired a BSc in Psychology (NL). His curiosity led him to delve into Islamic Studies and EU politics during an enriching Erasmus+ exchange (NOR). So far, his professional path peaked in his job as an Integration Specialist for refugees in Germany, where he later held the position of Deputy Camp Manager.

Tobias’ worldview is profoundly shaped by the variety of individuals he has met along the way. Their experiences and expertise not only inform his current perspectives. They also raised his awareness towards the need for better communication – across disciplines, cultures, and political spectrums. Particularly in his main field of interest, migration, Tobias seeks to put humanity back at the centre of current debates and to bridge gaps exacerbated by misunderstanding and distrust.

Updated April 2024